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Our very first strudels business was established back in 1999, in Singapore. Being the pioneer and our strong passion for the patisserie industry, we became a popular household brand in Singapore.

Now that we are back in Perth, and with the best quality of the raw ingredient here. It would be a waste if we didn’t continue to make this heavenly dessert.

The 2 promises we would like to keep are, serving the most superior strudels in town, and to provide the best service we can to our customer. We want you to feel at home the moment you walk into our shop.


We are a pastry based business where we take pride on the uniqueness and freshness of our products as well as superior in taste. Layered in between the incredible flaky and crispy pastries, are the crunchy fresh fruit of your choice sandwiched in between the creamy, full flavoured, melt-in-your-month custard and cream. The whole experience is just sensational.


For DURIAN lover, you simply can’t miss our signature DURIAN STRUDEL that will blow your mind away. The combination of the creamy and fresh D24 durian, with our signature buttery flaky pastries, is a must-try (*however, durian has a very unique taste that I recommend only for the brave one)

We also offer puff pastries such as the selection of éclair and puffs that filled with custard and cream, or durian.


Freddie’s strudels is a place for the pastry lovers and the sweet tooth. It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends over coffee and pastries too.


Unlike the traditional Austria strudel – filo pastry filled only with spiced apple and raisin, this version of Freddie’s is Thin sheet of crispy buttery flaky puff pastry, layered alternatively with custard, cream and choice of fresh fruit. It is simply irresistible!

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Everybody is at your service to offer the best experience possible.

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The success of Freddie Apple Strudel and Pastries come from the combination of good quality ingredients that is made from scratch and the team in Freddie's family that makes the whole Freddie's concept fits in the market.


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